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How to fix EARN MONEY problem.
Published on 09-11-2017

Hello, members.


If the 'EARN MONEY' tab does not work, please clear the cookies and cache of the browser from which you are browsing the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Alex T.                 

Payments processors
Published on 04-11-2017

Hello my friends.

I inform you that Payeer and Payza payment processors will be fully operational within two days.

I'm working hard on this and planning to set everything up tomorrow.


With PayPal, you have to wait until. I have problems with the bank.

Sorry this is not my problem, I'm a hostage to this situation.

But I will not give up solve these inconveniences. So no one will be deprived and offended.


Alex T.                           


Temporary problems
Published on 03-11-2017

Excuse me for some mistakes and shortcomings.

Soon I will fix it and eliminate it. I hope that you understand that at the initial stage this is always the case.

And a lot of bugs and "pitfalls" make themselves felt.

I have a lot of work and therefore do not have time to fix everything quickly.

But do not think that I do not pay attention to your suggestions and requests.

I often look through the forum and support tickets (with support for the problem, this is a priority for me at the moment.)

I will write together a personal message.

Together we will create a powerful advertising platform on which anyone who wants real profit can earn and develop.


Thank you for understanding             

Sorry for my English :)          

Administrator Alex T.            


I want to thank Vegas58 separately for active participation in the life of the project.

New project
Published on 02-11-2017

Hello Friends!

Join the new project. 

We will be glad to each new user and we will fully cooperate with everyone. No one will be offended or deceived.

We are an honest project and plan to cooperate with you for a very long time.

You will always be aware of our plans an will be able to participate in the improvement of many aspects of the site.

Members, we offer you a fixed income of $0.04 daily. The minimum threshold for withdrwals is $2.00 on all payments processors.

Low and favorable prices for account improvement.

Invite and rent referrals and increase your income at times.

Advertisers, and for you we have prepared favorable offers and low prices for advertising.

The fixed price is $ 1 for 1000 impressions.

Our anti-cheat will protect your ads from bots.

And much more.