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What is the minimum amount for the firts and subsequent payments on your website?

We have one standart minimum payout of $2 for all participants. Regardless of their membership.

Do I need a deposit to order a payment? If yes, what is the minimum amount?

No. We do not require an investment for payments.

Why does not your website have a license?

Since we are still new to the adverstising networks. We can not afford such a large investment. But, if everything goes well,we will soon get a license and go smoothly to version 5.3. All this in our future plans.

What are your guarantees that my investments will pay off? And will you be honest with us?

We give you a 100% guarantee that your funds will work for you. As for honesty, we will answer so that - we opened not for fraud but for being intermediary between the advertiser and the member. We are not looking for quick profit, we want to become a shark in the advertising business.

How long does it take to wait after the order is paid out?

We pay within 10-15 working days after the order of payment.